The Law department plays an important role in realizing the company’s strategy. In the same way as must all of the other departments within the Company, it must deliver a high level of service while being cost efficient.

Its primary goal is to ensure the legal protection of all the Company’s dealings.

LEXqi Conseil provides consulting services to Law departments, from the definition of the missions’ statement, to the implementation of the new organization and management tools.

LEXqi Conseil is a partner of the French in-house lawyers’ associations Cercle Montesquieu and Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise, and has made several presentations for the associations’ Management committees, on matters such as:

  • Organization of the Legal function : trends & best practices
  • The reporting of the Legal department
  • You have been appointed as the General Counsel: 100 days to evaluate, to propose and to position yourself
  • In-house lawyers: how do you measure your clients’ satisfaction?
  • Managing your team of in-house lawyers after a merger or an acquisition
  • Organize a « Beauty contest » : best practices

LEXqi Conseil provides a biennial Benchmark on Law departments’ trends and data (headcount and spending), in collaboration with the Cercle Montesquieu and AFJE.

The three performance drivers of the Law department

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Be Client-driven

  • Internal clients’ satisfaction survey.
  • Implementation of specific reporting to measure the performance of the law department (KPI – Key Performance Indicators).

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Controlling costs

  • Legal department organization assessment.
  • Assistance in defining the budget of the Law department. Internal team vs. outsourcing.
  • Assistance in defining methods to select your outside counsels, with your Firm’s purchase department if necessary

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Structuring your team

The organization of the law department is closely linked to the organization of the company as a whole (multi-jurisdictions, branches, product lines). In order to be efficient and meet the expectations of their internal clients, your team needs a structure as well as the tools that are specifically adapted to their activities.

  • Analysis of current organization:
    • Size of in-house team
    • Defining procedures for delegating and supervising matters
    • Tools to improve productivity
  • Reference to “best practices” in Law departments.
  • Assistance in redefining the annual appraisal review of the legal team, with the Firm’s HR department if necessary.
  • Assistance in preparing and/or conducting your team’s annual seminar.