Professional services firms, as do other companies, face intense competition and pressure from their clients. Law firms must therefore be structured and managed as efficiently as possible, pursuing a development and operations strategy that is specific to the needs of their business.

LEXqi Conseil provides consulting services to Law firms to help them align their management with their strategy.

The 4 drivers of profitability

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Numéro 1

Client satisfaction and Business Development

  • Client portfolio review.
  • Assistance with the definition of your office business plan.
  • Client satisfaction surveys, to help you better understand the expectations of your best clients, thus enhancing your quality of service.
  • Training and coaching of your lawyers on business development.

Numéro 2

Associates’ management and retention

  • Assistance with the implementation of a customized Professional Development program, in accordance with professional rules, such as the Bar rules, to help you retain the best talents.
  • Review of associates’ performance appraisal process.
  • Review of the associates’ compensation plan to make it consistent within your office and competitive in the marketplace.

Numéro 3

Partners’ team building and external growth management

“Partners’ Matters”

  • Review of partnership criteria and of Partners’ compensation plan.
  • Assistance in preparing and / or conducting the annual management retreat with your Partners.
  • Review of the governance of your law firm.

External growth

  • You need to hire Lateral Partners to expand your activity and better advise your clients. In depth evaluation of the business plan you will ask potential partners to prepare, in order to assess the synergies of the project as well as its financials.
  • Post-merger integration advice and support.

Numéro 4

Support staff efficiency

Your goal: Organized and trained Support staff in order to deliver the best services to your clients.

  • Assessment of business operations. Reference to best practices in Professional services Firms.
  • Assistance with the implementation of a new management position in your firm, such as Chief Operating Officer, Office Manager, HR Manager, Professional Support Lawyer,…
  • Assistance with the definition and implementation of the Quality Chart of your Professional services Firm.

Manage overhead

  • Budget and financial reporting, as tools to help you manage the activity.
  • Profit improvement program.
  • Outsourcing bids for your key expenditures.