LEXqi Conseil provides management consulting services exclusively to professional services organizations. Our clients include law departments as well as law firms.

Law firms

F letterFocused development for strengthened profitability

How to set up business development guidelines coherent with your firm’s strategy?

Your structure grows, the turnover increases but the bottom-line is not what you expect. How do you enhance the profitability of your firm?

Are the current criteria of Partners’ remuneration still relevant today?
 Do they incent in the way intended? Can a “virtuous circle” be implemented through more adapted financial criteria?

The founders of the firm wish to retire. How to successfully organize the phasing down, while ensuring the continuity of existing client relationships?

You plan to implement a Client Relationship Management system (CRM): what changes to your organization and processes should you first consider?

Are your systems, processes and support staff properly aligned and optimized?

Law departments

D LetterImproved efficiency and performance of the legal function

How to manage the budget of your law department: Internal team versus outsourcing of the legal function: How to bring all or part of the function in-house without disrupting your relationship with outside counsel?

How to manage the centralization / decentralization of the function: internal lawyers in subsidiaries / products lines, or in headquarters?

Create the law department in a company: how to size it and of which means and tools to endow it?

Manage the legal staff during the acquisition of a company: how to estimate the resources necessary for the increase of the perimeter?

You need to increase security as well as productivity: what changes should you consider to implement in the current organization of your law department and your company ?

How do you address a major crisis in the company requiring the drastic reduction of overhead? How do you continue to maintain the legal protection of the company’s business activities while reducing staff?